Farrow Blast Specialists

Every boat owner, marine contractor and boatyard needs to be aware of Wet Abrasive Blasting and how it’s changed the game when it comes to boat bottom maintenance. Get your hull ready to fight the rough elements seen out on the water again and again with Farrow System® wet abrasive blasters.

Remove hull coatings quickly and completely, while leaving the gelcoat intact with Farrow System® Wet Abrasive Blasters. Good gel remains water tight, while blisters or damaged gel is exposed for proper repair. Hull blacking removed back to bear steel (SA2.5)

Clean props, shafts, rudders and trim tabs, removing nasty marine growth all with the same setting. Eliminate extreme tenting and containment as well.  Since our machine has a low dispersal of airborne particulates, old paint and anti-fouling contaminants don’t carry onto decks of neighbouring boats.  Containing the Wet Abrasive Blasting operation is easy, quick, and efficient.